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The 10 Best Weight-Loss Tips Ever

Diet is not the only possible way to weight loss. Creating new routines can help you reduce your weight significantly

Shedding excessive weight should not be done through affliction (no more “hot” pepper cleansing). Embracing new healthy routines (welcomed by the nutritionists) can do the job: your quick pound shedding and getting rid of them for good.


  1. Munch brainy

Most weight loss pros used to ban any kinds of quick noshes.  However, seems like they changed their mind. Munching is not bad; what it makes bad is the type of food you eat. Once you got that food impulse, you better quench it with some healthy stuff instead of breaking down and pigging out later on. What can you munch on? Pick something rich with proteins – a bit of peanut butter or some cheese. Fruits, seeds and nuts would do, too.

  1. Watch out for TV

Watching and eating is a bad idea. Scientists tell us we consume +40 percent of calories, combining those two activities. Just do one thing at a time. When you talk on the phone, use your PC or drive and eat, you end up eating more without even noticing it. So, set up your meals, even if you are the only one to sit at that table.


  1. Measure up daily

Consequent weight gain over few days in a line can indicate the need to do more exercises or to reduce the amount of food you consume.


  1. 3 or more

If you do at least three quick workouts a week, you can shape your body the way you desire it to be. Here is what you do: take five mins for each exercise. Do 5 min lunges, then pushups and squats. Take quick breaks in between (30 secs or more). The thing is your muscles help you boost the metabolism and burn more of what you eat throughout the day.


  1. Get redirected

Here is some good news for you: any food cravings last no more than five mins (maybe slightly more). But you can beat it. Take your focus off the food you hanker after. Talk to your friend or get busy and soon you’d forget the naughty craving.


  1. Breakfast rule: make it big

Some people think if they do not eat breakfast, they do the right thing and can compensate it later on with their lunch. It’s a mistake. A solid breakfast made or proteins (eggs or meat) and slow carbs (cereals) keeps you fueled for the long hours of the day. Make it big and make it tasty, too. That would keep you happy and help you stay away from unwholesome snacks during the day.


  1. Drink smart

Alcohol is calorie rich and it does nothing to satisfy the hunger. So, they tend to add up quickly without you even noticing. Limit your drinks to special occasions or days off and get few as possible.


  1. Fruit up

These do you two major favors: they make your portions look plentiful. Plus, fruits are rich in vitamins and fiber and are fat free. They get easily digested and you can stop counting those calories after all.


  1. Get a good snooze

Sleep can do wonders when you attempt to do the pound shedding. Scientists have discovered that an extra half an hour before and after your usual wake up times can help you become a smarter eater. You do not get worn out as quickly after a good sleep. And you do not have to fill up the lack of it with extra calories.


  1. The power of visualization

Sip in the idea of you being the size you really want to be. Just imagine yourself walking down that street; feel it; dream it; think it. Then when a temptation comes you can quickly go back to that self-image and stick to your routines just a little longer to make the dream come true.